Vex Rewards In Detail


VEX Rewards is a suite of business tools which uses retail e-vouchers to deliver instant gifts to recipients. VEX Rewards can be used by companies for a variety of applications including HR, Customer Services, Department Heads, Marketing or New Business.

VEX Rewards has been developed by Voucher Express, the B2B and B2C gift card and e-voucher gifting provider regarded as the leading online distributor of pre-paid gifts in the UK. VEX Rewards allows your company to instantly gift e-vouchers from the UK’s leading brands as well as benefit from Voucher Express’ extensive portfolio of physical gift cards and vouchers which can be added to the system.


The speedy, efficient way to send discretionary gifts and rewards

Gifts and e-vouchers from major retail brands offer universal appeal

Detailed reporting and audit tool shows exactly what was gifted, by whom and why

Employee engagement is boosted with an instant link between recognition and reward


As a VEX Rewards user you can send instant gifts to individual or multiple recipients in just a few clicks. You can specify an amount and add a message for that real personal touch. Your recipient has the ability to choose their own gift from a specified list of top UK retailers meaning they will always get something they want.

A powerful reporting tool allows you to see exactly how much was gifted, to whom and why, helping your company keep track of valuable audit information and budget controls. There is no lengthy procurement process and your recipient will feel recognised and valued, everybody wins!

Let us show you how easy it is.


People appreciate being recognised – whether they are an employee who is being rewarded for a job well done or a customer who is being compensated for an issue they have raised.

The speed at which people receive their reward or gift has a direct influence on the positive impact of a received gift. A gift from an appreciative manager thanking a team member for volunteering for extra weekend work, or a gift issued to a customer as an apology starts to lose its positive impact if delivered weeks or months after the event. Gifts and rewards dispensed from VEX Rewards can be dispensed immediately, creating a strong and lasting connection between being thanked and receiving a gift.

Of course there may be times when it suits to deliver at a particular moment, for instance when a team has been working towards a deadline – that is subsequently met. At times like these gifts and rewards can be queued, ready to be despatched at a pre-determined day and time.


Picking the right gift is just as important as deciding to send one in the first place. Vex Rewards is configurable to each client and that extends to the gifts within each programme.

E-vouchers including B&Q, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Ticketmaster; amazon and Topshop are all available as redemption gifts with immediate delivery. Physical gift cards and gift vouchers can also be added to the scheme provided by its sister service Voucher Express who have relationships with most large UK retailers.

In all instances, recipients receive a redemption link showing the value of the gift or reward and a choice of available gifts, so it’s the receiver, rather than the sender that decides whether it’s a Marks & Spencer or a John Lewis e-voucher that is sent.


  • Modules allow for application as either Instant Gift portal or Customer Service tool
  • Full reporting suite showing who’s gifted what, to whom, why and when
  • Gift to individuals or multiple recipients simultaneously
  • E-vouchers from major brand retailers delivered instantly
  • Physical product extensions covering gift cards, gift vouchers, ambient gifts backed by full physical fulfilment service.
  • Multi-tier user tree with fully configurable permissions table
  • Pre-paid or weekly credit terms (*subject to eligibility)
  • Range of branding options
  • Secure Rackspace hosting on private cloud
  • PCI compliant environment
  • Fully responsive mobile redemption portal
  • Module extension allowing for fully integrated solution with third party loyalty/points systems

Today im going to thank...

Customer / Recipients name*

How Does It Work

Described here is the instant gift module of Vex Rewards which is used to dispense discretionary gifts and rewards to employees and customers. Other modules – Customer Service; Online marketing application and integration with loyalty and reward systems utilise a similar gift collection mechanism.

Each client using Vex Rewards benefits from a bespoke configuration during which a range of variables is established. This is conducted on a one-to-one basis with a named member of the Vex Rewards team and covers items such as what gifts should be used to populate the platform; what fields are required (cost code, PO number; store ref, etc) and any company specific labeling. Security elements such as the range of IP addresses permitted to issue gifts from; or the time of day gifts can be sent are also established. Instruction is also given about how to set-up users; how to allocate certain permissions to certain users; running reports and amending central configuration settings is given.

At an issuer’s level, the process of allocating and sending gifts and rewards couldn’t be simpler. Users (with correct permissions) access the control suite via password where, from a single page, they are able to set-up new recipients (either individually or as a group) or access previously used recipient lists (stored by user id). Issuer’s record the reason for sending, alongside any required fields, such as cost centre or reason for sending. A message can be attached and the gift is delivered either immediately or at a pre-determined time. The amount an issuer can send is controlled by their individual settings which dictate how much can be sent per person, per week etc

From a receiver’s point of view the gift is delivered via a link telling them how much they have been gifted and giving them a choice of all available gifts. If an e-voucher is selected this can be collected instantly ready to spend online or often, directly in the retail store. Choosing a physical gift takes a little longer but delivery to the recipient’s allocated address is normally complete within 2-3 days.


VEX Rewards provides a regulated environment for businesses to manage discretionary spend to employees and customers. The platform is configurable at client level with up to five tiers of control catering for organisations with the most complex structures. Value is held at the top of the structure with those at ‘owner’ level provided with a complete view of how gifts are distributed. Other levels in the system cater for managers and users with varying degrees of permission.

The tiered structure means users limits can be amended by managers holding relevant permissions. So for instance; a user with a normal capped limit of £50 gift per person might make a request for a larger amount in order to issue higher value gifts. This might be appropriate in the event of a significant ‘beyond the call of duty’ event when a larger amount is deemed necessary. Likewise, in the customer service module, the amount that can be issued as compensation to any individual is set at a business level but there may be circumstances when the details of an issue warrant a larger award.

Payment on gifts and rewards issued is again dictated by client set-up and is either pre-paid or on a credit base. In both instances, the system is configurable to issue reminders and warnings should either the per-paid balance or available credit fall below pre-determined values. VEX Rewards is priced on a ‘pay as you use’ basis. There is no contracted limits for how many gifts are issued and companies only pay for what is used. All spend throughout the system is monitored and recorded – continuously available via the reporting suite.


At each level these permissions control the amount which can be gifted to each individual; the maximum amount each user can issue in a day/week/period. Gifts issued can be linked up to five distinct fields, each configurable at a client base to capture PO numbers; cost centres; reason for gift; store and outlet numbers etc. Each can be reported on, to provide businesses with a company-wide picture of usage down to the gifting behaviour of any individual user or manager.

Regular reports detail spend over time; by user; by value; by cost centre and can be linked to usage during a particular tax year.


VEX Rewards is a modular system with four distinct applications in place:

Instant gifting and rewards platform allowing businesses to organise all of its discretionary gifting and adhoc rewards in a distinct, auditable space;

Customer service tool used by company call centres to award instant compensation awards to resolve customer complaints and service issues;

Marketing and Promotions tool allowing businesses to use VEX Rewards to handle the redemption process of promotional gifting and incentives;

Integration with a third party system perfect for company loyalty schemes and points based rewards.

See below for details of how each module works …

Module 1


Consider those times at work when you’d like to be able to say thank you or congratulations. There are lots of instances when a discretionary or adhoc gift can go a long way towards showing a person they’re valued. For instance:-

  • Going the ‘extra mile’
  • Going out of your way for a customer
  • Excelling at a project; presentation or task
  • Long service and retirement
  • Thanking customers

Module 2


VEX Rewards can be configured as a versatile customer service tool. It can be used to gift one or more individuals simultaneously; capture the reasons behind making compensatory or apology awards and as a strategic business tool to speed up the closure of customer service issues. Uses include:

  • Late delivery compensation
  • Poor service apology
  • Unresolved query
  • Thanking someone for a good review

Module 3


VEX Rewards can be integrated with client’s websites, intranets; platforms and apps to deliver the gift redemption element of a marketing and incentive campaign.

Here’s two examples. A car manufacturer wants to thank prospective customers who book a test drive of its latest model online. To say “thank you” customers are served a fully branded redemption page where they select their gift (dictated by the car company). Gifts can be delivered instantly creating a superb positive connection with the brand.

Example two is a hotel group using instant gifting to encourage the opening of marketing emails with the prospect of an ‘instant win’. VEX Rewards uses pre-set algorithms to determine winners and delivers up the links required for those winners to receive their gift ‘instantly’.

  • Competitions and give-aways
  • Reviews & Feedback
  • Promotions and incentives

Module 4


Do you run a points based loyalty scheme? Many companies do – points are awarded internally for a range of actions such as meeting sales targets; continuous improvement objectives; long service; attendance and satisfying other performance related targets. At the end of the process sees you with lots of employees and lots of customers with points in their account.

That’s the moment VEX Rewards comes into play. Integrating directly via secure web services protocols, VEX Rewards can respond in real-time to changing points balances and provide the engine room for converting those points into gifts and rewards. Once exchanged, VEX Rewards manages the resulting points balance and instigates the gift delivery process.

Utilising the various functionality within VEX Rewards, gifts can be a combination of e-vouchers; physical retail gift cards and gift vouchers; experience vouchers and even a range of confectionery sourced from our sister sites Cadbury Gifts Direct and Green & Black’s Direct.

  • Company loyalty schemes
  • Points based rewards
  • Performance management systems


Pricing for using VEX Rewards is based on the size of the organisation. To determine size VEX Rewards uses number of employees to determine which size category each organisation fits to.

Each client benefits from an included one-to-one on-boarding exercise. This process, conducted via teleconference, runs through the initial configuration including bespoke field names; user levels and permissions; gift portfolio and payment status.

Gifts consumed via the platform are charged at face value* (e.g a £10 Marks & Spencer e-voucher; a £50 Ticketmaster e-voucher). For example: a company using £700 of gifts within a period will be charged £700 inc of VAT.

All clients are offered standard branding as part of the annual license fee. This is limited to logo placement throughout the solution including redemption pages.

Full branding is available as an optional extra. This involves a complete corporate badging of the solution conducted by our in-house designers to your house-style. Full branding includes two rounds of amends and client sign off prior to introduction to the platform.

Pricing of the Marketing & Incentive module; and Third Party Integration module is subject to requirements and considered on project-by-project basis.

* applies to electronically delivered gifts. Physical gift distribution typically carry additional distribution charges.


Applies to: one instance of either Instant Rewards or Customer Service

Company Size (employees) 1-25 26-100 101-250 251-500 500+
Annual Licence Fee £299.00 £595.00 £899.00 £1,395.00 £1,750.00
Configuration & Set up Included Included Included Included Included
Standard branding Included Included Included Included Included
Full branding £999.00 £999.00 £450.00 £350.00 Included
Hosting & Support Included Included Included Included Included

A 50% reduction on these prices is available to customers utilising both Instant Rewards and Customer Service solutions.
Credit terms are available**

ON 0371 664 2300 OR EMAIL US

** subject to status and approval.